Game Card Sampler

The graphic design is in transition. Up through beta 12, I did all the graphic design myself. In v13, the final draft, I’ll make a few changes to fine-tune game balance: tweaking some card costs, and some card frequencies. However, the main focus will be on graphic design. I’ll transition to a slightly cleaner and smoother design, and add images and flavor text to all of the cards.

The designers have sent me pdf’s of this semi-final card design. In the table below, these are labeled as v12.5. You can also see a few of these cards in the Kickstarter video. While I like the cleaner lines of the new design, I think the colors and icons are too quiet. The designers went a little too far towards elegance, and lost some playfulness. So the final design will be a mix: the bright colors and shapes of the v12 design, but reset into the simpler and cleaner layout produced by the designers.

Big Mulefat v12p_bigmulefat_300 Small Mulefat v12p_smallmulefat_300 Big Mulefat v12.5BigMulefat Small Mulefat v12.5SmallMulefat

Big Mustard v12


Small Mustard v12


Big Mustard v12.5


Small Mustard v12.5


Bridge2Nowhere v12

The Bridge to Nowhere, a parcel-type land card from Fire and Flora, v12.

Bridge2Nowhere 12.5


Fire Station v12


 Fire Station v12.5


Evil Squirrel v12


 Evil Squirrel v12.5


Winter Rains v12


 Winter Rains v12.5


Earthquake v12e_earthquake_300  Earthquake v12.5Earthquake Wildfire v12e_wildfire_300  Wildfire v12.5Wildfire

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