CA State Standards

California State Science Standards (CaSSS)

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Grades 9-12 Biology/Life Sciences:

(6) Stability in an ecosystem is a balance between competing effects.

(6a) Students know biodiversity is the sum total of different kinds of organisms and is affected by alterations of habitats.

(6b) Students know how to analyze changes in an ecosystem resulting from changes in climate, human activity, introduction of nonnative species, or changes in popula­tion size.

(8b) Students know a great diversity of species increases the chance that at least some organisms survive major changes in the environment.

Grades 9-12 Earth Sciences:

(5g) Students know features of the ENSO (El Niño southern oscillation) cycle in terms of sea-surface and air temperature variations across the Pacific and some climatic results of this cycle.

Investigation and Experimentation:


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