Sorting through standards

This week, I returned to the FnF website to do some writing. The goal was to sort through curriculum standards, find the high-profile standards that are addressed by FnF, and then describe the connections between the game and the standards in reasonable detail. It’s a big job, as there are a goodly number of state and national standards, and I’m chock-full of ideas.

Way back in the fall, several teachers had suggested that I do this – describe the connections between standards and FnF. While I’d started on the job, I had to put it on hold when more pressing issues came up. Now, with Kickstarter so close, my priority is on creating and distributing information about the game, and so I’m back to working through the standards. It’s still slow going, and I’ll get it done, but the end result will probably be a bit lengthy, simply because I may not have the time to make it shorter.

“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

– Mark Twain

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