Double Rainbow, courtesy of Yosemitebear

r_doublerainbow_12aPaul “Yosemitebear” Vasquez, of Double Rainbow fame, has kindly helped me to redesign the Double Rainbow event card in FnF. He’s allowed me to use one of his photos in the game, and helped me to write the flavor text on the card. I think this is awesome.

While FnF has had a Double Rainbow for months, it’s always been disappointing to me: a pretty picture, but no substance. Now, it’s a pretty picture with substance, and that substance comes from it’s connection to a real place and a real person.

While I talk a lot about wanting to help people connect with nature, my own connection has grown pretty tenuous. Connecting with someone like Bear, who is so intimately involved with the natural world, helps me to keep my own connection to the natural world. I think Bear gets razzed for being outside the mainstream, but I’m glad that he is who he is. It’s a good thing for all of us.

You can connect with him on YouTube and Twitter:

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