Mindful Mammoth

MMLogo_WhiteOnBlackAfter much time, effort, brainstorming, and tearing of hair, I have a company name and a company logo: Mindful Mammoth. To go with that new brand, I’ve started up a new website at http://mindfulmammoth.com.

From here on forward, I’ll be splitting up posts based on content. I’ll continue to put FnF specific news on this blog, but I’ll put general company news, and announcements about other products, on the Mindful Mammoth website, and the Mindful Mammoth Facebook page.

If you’d like to be informed about goings on beyond Fire and Flora, please like the Mindful Mammoth Facebook page. And even if you’re only interested in Fire and Flora, please like the Mindful Mammoth Facebook page anyways, as supporting the company as a whole is a good way to help get Fire and Flora into stores.

Lastly, yes. If you’re wondering, I’ve recently finished a working prototype of my second product: the Puzzle of Life (provisional name). So there is indeed a solid practical reason for developing a company brand, namely, the need to have a legal umbrella that ties together these very different products.


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