No good game could possibly happen without the help of many thoughtful and adventurous playtesters. All of the people and groups listed here have contributed to the game through blood and sweat (no tears). Big thanks to all of you.

In alphabetical order:

  • Jason Alicea
  • Luis Aguilar
  • Crystal Anderson
  • Erin Avina
  • Joey Algiers
  • Randall Bart
  • Matthew Bivens
  • Norv Brooks
  • The Flintridge Prep 7th grade class of 2012-2013
  • The Game Development Guild at Granada Hills Charter High School (Matthew Bivens, faculty advisor)
  • Rene Gonzales
  • Fred Kramer
  • Josh Newth
  • Julian Middle School, an adventurous section of the 2012-2013 5th grade class
  • The One Spark Academy, Spring 2013 Local Island Ecology class
  • Morgan Page
  • Robert Taylor
  • Ventura Open Classroom Middle School, fifteen curious kids

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