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A Successful PlaytestWhats’s up with the dreamy header? Well, with the conclusion of the Fire and Flora Kickstarter campaign, I’ve been forced to put this project on hold. I just don’t have the personal resources to commission the rest of the artwork, or to do a first printing. I plan to return to this project sometime in the future, but for now, I need to let it rest.

However! I am taking what I’ve learned from this project, and using it to develop several other ideas, and I think that these ideas will both appeal to a broader audience, and be simpler to develop. If you’re a fan of Fire and Flora, please keep tabs on both Mindful Mammoth, and the Puzzle of Life. I’m currently finishing up design work on PoL, and I hope to have it out in limited distribution next spring (meaning spring ’14).

For those who are new, a quick intro: Fire and Flora is a game about flowers and trees, mountains and rivers, parrots, rainbows, people and the way that all of these many pieces of the natural world are connected to each other. It’s also a game of challenges. You’ll face earthquakes, fires, the occasional evil squirrel, and the craftiness of your friends. In more practical terms, the game plays like a cross between Pokémon and Settlers of Catan. It’s a casual, resource-management game, where the goal is to build healthy and beautiful landscapes. Cool, right? Well, cross your fingers, and with a good dose of luck, I may be able to return to this – someday.